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HUB International (HUB) is the fifth largest insurance brokerage in the world. For the small and middle-market companies that the brokerage targets, providing commonly available data can guide decisions those companies make that are most important to employees. While the Microsoft Power Platform had already been adopted and the HUB team had experience with Power BI and Power Automate, they hadn’t yet mobilized Power Apps capabilities and considered Persona an ideal test case for Power Apps.

“Power Platform, Power Apps and workflow optimization are driving HUB’s innovation and will give many of our teams back thousands of hours a year – hours better served having strategic and consultative interactions with our customers.”

BJ Murray Vice President of Enterprise Data and Analytics, HUB International


HUB engaged Avanade to build new tools and capabilities on Power Automate and the analytic center of Power BI. We helped to also create an approach to Persona modernization. The benefits of the Power Platform include:

  • Detailed analytics provided to the employee level
  • Quantifying newly captured revenue
  • Providing clients with predictive insights into their workforces

We also developed a centralized database for clients to store employee data and Benefits SmartView™, which surveys clients about existing and future employee benefits for scoring and benchmarking against their peers.


In four months, HUB received a live analytics solution and database that would have taken six months to a year to build without Microsoft’s low-code/no-code technology and a knowledgeable partner. Current HUB clients can explore the Persona database and segmentation to understand employee cohorts – which is creating new opportunities, including workforce trend and research. Account executives are using the solution and analysis tool which enables a powerful and tailored consultative approach to their clients.

Get started and accelerate with Microsoft Power Platform low-code technologies and innovation governance.

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