As an international life sciences and pharmaceutical company, Kyowa Kirin produces drugs that are typically irreplaceable in the treatment of rare diseases. Leaders believe that making people smile is fundamental to the success of the business and that spreading this common purpose is what matters. With trusted, data-based demand forecasts and accurate supply chain information, employees are now able to respond faster to the needs of patients and their physicians for life-saving care around the world.

As several new drugs were approved for use globally, the company took steps to quickly operationalize and pursue business on a worldwide scale. Interfaces were built across finance and the supply chain to serve customers with accuracy and support on-demand need of the drugs.

“The ERP program is a huge enabler for making sure that the right product goes to the right patients with the right quality, and that we’ve accounted for it correctly.”

Andrew Aristidou Executive Chief Financial Officer, Kyowa Kirin International plc.

Business Situation

Kyowa Kirin needs to supply markets with its pharmaceuticals six months in advance, and the Japanese manufacturing team needed transparency into data from its entities in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East (EMEA) and North America. Inconsistent drug supply and delivery slowed by in-market packaging and distribution impacted employee and customer satisfaction.

In a complex industry sensitive to security and subject to multiple product and process regulations, company leadership recognized these challenges could be mitigated with unified operations across regions.


Our implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 began with a 10-week gap discovery phase with the organization’s EMEA team. The project included data migration and finance and supply chain operations, as well as manufacturing, planning, logistics and banking system integrations in support of a reorganized company.

With consistent operations across the organization, employees are working more efficiently to deliver life-saving drugs to patients in need.

Find out how we can help make your patients – and business – healthier.

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