Accenture and Avanade deliver enterprise service bus (ESB) solution

Business Situation

PWN is a water company that delivers over 106 billion liters of drinking water yearly to over 780,000 households and businesses in the province of Noord-Holland. Their customers have access to a self service portal that enables them to submit their meter readings, change personal details and review their billing overview.

To support these processes, PWN partnered with Avanade and Accenture to set up and build an enterprise service bus (ESB) architecture and strategy to synchronize the front-end portal with multiple back-end systems.


The ESB solution provides multiple web-services to support business processes. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design principles are applied to ensure that the solution is flexible and reusable for future purposes. PWN re-used the ESB solution for three more projects and is planning to start more in the future.

Accenture and Avanade helped PWN from initial planning and design through to live deployment. The solution was implemented using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013, WCF and Microsoft Azure Service Bus. These solutions will be maintained through Avanade Managed Services.


Increased flexibility and reusability
Since the solution is built to be flexible and easily reusable, PWN is able to compose new, or adjust current business processes faster than before.

Increased service reliability
The quality, reliability, transparency and maintainability of the services are increased due to standardization and use of robust and proven Microsoft technologies. Due to increased quality, reuse of the services is enhanced.

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