Venca takes control of its digital marketing campaigns with style

Business Situation

As a leading fashion retailer for more than 30 years, Venca has proved its ability to adapt to evolving customer habits and preferences. What started as a traditional catalog business has transitioned online.

However, the legacy tools Venca used to run its marketing campaigns weren’t up to speed for e-commerce nor future-ready. Relying on spreadsheets and disconnected data, marketers had no easy way to manage workflows or get detailed insights into campaign performance. As a result, customers were presented with generic content that didn’t necessarily target or enhance their shopping experience. To continue to thrive in a digital world, Venca wanted to improve campaign management, increase lead generation and reconnect with consumers who had moved away from the brand.


Venca selected Avanade to help implement its new Adobe Campaign platform and integrate the solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365, unlocking the full power of its customer data. With each campaign, users have full visibility into activities and customer interactions for enhanced analytics and improved performance. And by connecting the digital marketing tool to Venca’s CRM, data is continually passed back and forth to help Venca personalize its campaigns with contextually relevant offers and messaging.


With the seamless integration of Adobe Campaign and Dynamics 365, Venca now has access to data and predictive analytics to enhance both the employee and customer experience. The company’s marketers get a future-ready tool that infuses intelligence into their operations to help them do their jobs better. Also, the company’s customers are rewarded with personalized content.

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