William Hill Australia bets on digital with Avanade

Business Situation

William Hill Australia bets on digital with Avanade William Hill Australia (WHA) was challenged to unify the technology platforms and processes of three companies at different stages of maturity. When Rob James joined WHA as director of IT, the primary objectives of the technology transformation program he initiated were to consolidate the systems of Sportingbet (now rebranded as William Hill), Centrebet and tomwaterhouse.com onto a single platform and establish a new web presence to differentiate WHA in the highly competitive online gaming and entertainment industry. 

Compounding the complexity of this challenge, the majority of WHA’s application development and maintenance work was outsourced to non-strategic partners that operated in silos and lacked process rigour. To achieve the objectives of the IT transformation program, James recognised the need to insource the intellectual property from these third parties and build WHA’s own capabilities.

"Avanade’s flexible managed services and digital expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem help us maintain a rhythm of innovation that differentiates us in a highly competitive market."

Rob James Director of IT, William Hill Australia


As a digital business, a priority of the IT transformation program was to build a sustainable web platform to support WHA’s key focus areas for 2015 and beyond. To expedite the consolidation of its platforms and stay at the forefront of innovation as internal expertise was built, WHA engaged Avanade to provide managed services. 

From the outset, the Avanade and WHA teams have operated as one, which has enabled WHA to realise results faster.


The tight partnership of WHA and Avanade is driving unprecedented transparency, discipline and effectiveness in the development of applications, and has helped cut time-to-market cycles dramatically – moving from ‘big day’ to real-time releases. The new scalability of its web platform also made it possible for WHA to process 2 million+ transactions and maintain 100% up time on Melbourne Cup Day, the highest-revenue sporting event in Australia.

In addition, the new CRM platform has produced benefits, such as more efficient business operations and enhanced customer data security. Importantly, the solution has automated manual processes and improved access to information across the business. For example, WHA’s sales teams now have real-time mobile access.

William Hill

William Hill Australia bets on digital with Avanade

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