With tyre optimization app, Williams mines data for real-time insight

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Data is only as valuable as one’s ability to leverage it to boost productivity, increase market share—or win a grand prix. Williams Martini Racing, the world renowned Formula One racing organization, is firmly in that last category. It wants to take full advantage of the data generated during a race—including sensor data from its own cars, as well as weather information and GPS telemetry data both to make better trackside decisions and to inform longer-term decisions, such as those around the design of its race cars. As one of the first moves in its strategic relationship with Avanade to transform its use of technology, Williams commissioned a tyre optimization application to isolate the performance of its tyres from the raw lap time data it receives during races.

"We’ve always had the data, but Avanade has given us a tool to use that data trackside, during a race, to help put us across the finish line first."

Graeme Hackland Director of IT, Williams Martini Racing


Williams wanted the tyre optimization application ready for real-world testing at the start of the 2015 race season, which gave Avanade just five weeks in which to develop and test it. The company created an onshore/offshore development team that included both its on-site consultants embedded in Williams’ Oxfordshire, UK headquarters, and highly experienced members of Avanade’s Global Delivery Network based around the world. The app was successfully developed using the Avanade agile development process

The app receives data from the Williams trackside WISDOM server, a data warehouse that integrates sensor, weather, telemetry, and other data feeds in real-time during a race. Using proprietary algorithms, the application takes raw performance data in order to isolate the impact of tyre status on performance. The application presents this analysis in the form of highly visual trend lines that can be clicked to drill down to analyses on particular laps.


  • Unlocks the value of existing data to help improve car design and track performance.
  • Provides data in an intuitive, highly visual interface to empower Williams’ staff to make better, data-driven decisions.
  • Enables real-time collaboration on data between Williams staff at headquarters and trackside anywhere in the world.

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