Predictive analytics delivers competitive edge for Williams

Business Situation

In Formula 1, if you’re not developing in every area, you will fall behind. Williams Group, the Formula 1 racing organization, does not intend to fall behind. The company demanded its first predictive analytics solution to support drivers and engineers to make better, real time data-driven decisions, race strategy and driver feedback to get Williams F1 cars to the finish line first.

Such a solution will give a tremendous competitive advantage, in contrast to the manual process that Williams had been using. Williams needed far faster development of a predictive analytics solution if it was going to leapfrog the competition.

“Avanade has given us the perfect solution for track-side predictive analytics, one that surpasses the competition. This sets the standard for the advancement of race simulation predictive analytics.”

Jakob Andreasen Chief Performance and Operations Engineer, Williams Group


Avanade employed a modern software engineering approach, using Agile methodology and DevOps principals. A high-performance, low-cost analytics solution was developed for Williams’ pit-wall engineers, called WISDOM. This application suite and data warehouse guides engineers and support decisions that directly affect race results. It integrates and analyzes sensor, weather, telemetry, GPS, fuel consumption and other data in real time during a race.


The Williams team now has a predictive platform, delivering incremental innovation to improve track performance and car design. It is helping to shave seconds off of race times – which can make the difference between winning and losing.


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