How prepared are health and life sciences leaders for a digital future?

Out of the survey one thing is clear. Most health and life sciences organization professionals (62%) believe they are now ‘well or highly prepared’ to face a digital future. So, what could stop or accelerate digital health technologies moving forward according to the findings? Find out inside our latest outlook research report.

“From hospitals and health systems to pharma and manufacturers of remote diagnostic equipment, much can be gleaned from this unique insight into what health and life science professionals really think about all our digital futures.”

Tim Adler Group Editor, Information Age

Unique opportunity to predict what digital health will look like

Avanade Digital Health Outlook Report

The Avanade Digital Health Outlook Report, a survey conducted by Information Age, highlights key indicators that will shape the future of digital health based on responses from over 100 health and life sciences technology and organizational leaders.

The survey tests the assumption that healthcare is ready for a digital future with a focus on 4 key areas: (1) Telehealth; (2) Healthcare Workforce; (3) Remote Care at Home; (4) Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Respondents, majority executive/senior level, are in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Brazil. Organizations include bio tech and medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, private hospitals and health systems and the public health sector.

Our experience spans across health and life sciences

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