Avanade’s Genomics Azure Cohort Browser Guide

Explore how health and life sciences organizations can identify populations and individuals at risk of serious genetic diseases to improve disease prevention, provide faster diagnoses and deliver more effective treatments.

In this guide, you will learn how clinicians and other healthcare professionals can quickly use the Cohort Browser, an advanced analytics tool, to unlock new data insights with access to a patient dataset comprised of 54 million patient electronic medical records, inpatient and ambulatory and longitudinal data up to 12 years.

The solution provides unrivaled and rapid analytical insights into data that is unavailable anywhere else.


Here are just a few use cases:

  • Hypothesis testing of different combinations of underlying conditions
  • Identification of new diseases
  • Validation of efficacy of existing medicines – and potential development of new ones
  • Identify new markets for pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies

Please take this opportunity to accelerate and transform genomic data into real-world benefits, from rapid drug discovery and more precise diagnoses to improved population health outcomes.

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