Three big trends that will reshape the healthcare experience.

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Whether receiving or providing care, everyone deserves the best healthcare experience and wants the best outcomes.
So how can health and life sciences organizations, with their overburdened systems – and people – create a better healthcare experience? One that helps retain talent, improves productivity and lowers costs.
Three big trends powering significant shifts in health and life sciences show us the way.
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The future of healthcare is AI driven. Home will be the principal care setting and decentralized clinical trials will change research methods forever. Now more than ever health and life science organizations need to take hold of their future and do what matters.

In this webcast series, Natalie Schibell, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester discusses three big trends with Rob Hazelton, Avanade Executive, Global Lead for Health and Life Sciences that will reshape the healthcare experience.

Avanade Take Care Of Health

1. AI in health – transforming pharma and clinical insights, data flow and mitigating provider shortages.

2. Hospital at home and remote patient monitoring – reaching new frontiers of virtual care, the evolution of care programs and what patients want from remote health devices.

3. A new decentralized clinical trial model – setting a new standard in traditional research modalities with easier monitoring and faster, more diverse results.
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