The role of the store has changed.

Stores are no longer just destinations of commerce, but a part of a brand’s broader narrative, and leading retail innovators are reimagining their brick and mortar stores in the age of digital-first customer experience. Retailers across all categories and formats are placing big bets on stores to power their next wave of growth and, in order to succeed, require an empowered frontline workforce.

Research from Avanade and Incisiv explores how retailers’ key customer experience investments are impacting their brick-and-mortar strategy and the need to enable and empower their retail frontline for perfect execution. This industry insights research illustrates:

  • How retailers are redefining the role of the store as part of the brand’s broader narrative
  • How a flawed execution of this new strategy can negatively impact the customer experience
  • What steps retailers must take to better enable the frontline in four key customer experience areas

A previously published industry insight, “What Digital Forgot: The Retail Frontline” explores the impact of an empowered workforce on business value drivers such as productivity, and on key performance metrics (KPIs) such as conversion and customer satisfaction.

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