Take your project- or services-based business to new heights

Every business feels the pressure these days, but project-driven and services-based organizations face distinctive challenges, whatever industry they’re in.

Siloed data, legacy systems, disconnected staff —often still using green screens and spreadsheets—limit productivity, collaboration and innovation just when these enterprises or units need them more than ever. They create friction at each step of the organization’s business processes, slowing the speed of business and ultimately degrading customer satisfaction.

Our approach bridges business and technology

When services professionals lack visibility into the pipeline, they can’t respond with the agility that changing business needs now demand.

Introducing the Project Connected Workforce and Connected Company

Organizations need a seamless, end-to-end project journey that begins with the first customer contact, and continues through quotes, project planning and execution, and project management and reporting.

That’s what the Project Connected Workforce and Connected Company delivers – for every member of the organization.

azure databricksStaff members

complete client work on time

azure databricksProject managers

always have the data they need

azure databricksCIOs

deliver just-in-time insights that boost quality and customer satisfaction

azure databricksHR directors

give workers the right resources and measure that improvement

azure databricksCFOs

see projected KPIs so they can intervene successfully

azure databricksBusiness development executives

see and act on the entire customer relationship

The platform that makes it happen

The technology solution for your Project Management Connected Workforce and Connected Company must be as broad and deep as the challenges to your organization.

Microsoft technology meets this crucial requirement, in part because it’s based on Microsoft’s deep expertise and rich history with tools for front office, back office, collaboration, productivity, and project management. That technology includes Dynamics 365, Teams, Power Platform, and the Microsoft cloud.

Implementation the Avanade way

The right technology is crucial—but it’s not enough. You also need an implementation based on an unmatched understanding of that technology, keen insight into how it can enhance your business processes, and tried-and-true best practices to help you achieve your business goals.

That’s where the Avanade Delivery Framework comes in, including Avanade Intelligent Enterprise Solutions (AIES) for Service Industries. It’s our business process modeling for project-driven and services-based organizations, designed to deliver more value, faster, with less risk and at lower cost. It’s how you can focus your Dynamics 365 configurations on the innovations and differentiators that deliver the biggest competitive impacts in your industry.


Avanade Intelligent Enterprise for professional services

To be successful service organizations need to become Intelligent Enterprises.


The Project Connected Workforce and Connected Company

Achieving it can bring your project- or services-based business to new heights.

The Project Connected Workforce and Connected Company

Achieving it can bring your project- or services-based business to new heights.

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