React quickly, collaborate seamlessly

Demanding customers. Global supply chains. Multiple systems and products. Effective wholesale distribution requires robust, integrated operations that can react quickly to changing trends and collaborate seamlessly with customers and partners.

Avanade’s ERP for Wholesale Distribution streamlines vertical supply chain management on a global scale. Maximizing enhanced visibility and real-time analytics, our approach unites IT, operations, logistics and customer care – helping to drive higher revenues and a superior customer experience.

“With the help of Avanade and Microsoft Dynamics AX we succeeded in positioning Hessenatie Logistics as a unique, value-add logistics service provider. Avanade’s industry expertise and the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform were crucial catalysts in supporting our strategic objective to offer integrated supply chain solutions.”

Bob Van Steenweghen Head of Sales and Marketing, Hessenatie Logistics

The benefits of superior supply chain management

Our solution is designed with predefined, best-practice supply chain processes, reducing implementation time and diminishing operational risk. Ideal for vertical supply chains or standalone wholesale divisions, it drives efficiency, enhances visibility and improves overall margins.

Based on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, our solution helps you: 

  • Maximize supply chain visibility, from order processing to inventory and warehousing.
  • Optimize forecasting and decision-making, based on meaningful metrics and real-time reporting.
  • Simplify pricing and rebate management in order to increase profit margins.
  • Improve the customer experience with more convenient ordering and faster, more accurate delivery. 
  • React faster to IT developments, by scaling and integrating with legacy systems as required.
  • Embrace new IT models such as mobility and software-as-a-service.
Avanade ERP for Wholesale Distribution

Improve agility, visibility and collaboration across the supply chain.

Get results fast

Fusing technology and business processes for improved ERP implementation.

Client Story
Azelis creates foundation for growth

Integration of ERP, CRM and pricing initiatives gets data into the right hands.

Adaptive, fast delivery

Avanade’s ERP for Wholesale Distribution can help you connect suppliers, employees and customers around the world and give you more control over operations. This translates into improved customer service and reduced costs. We’ll support you from planning through to design, build, test and deployment, delivering your solution on-site or in the cloud.

What’s more, our RapidResults ERP implementation program drives more value, faster, with less risk and for less cost.

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Our global ERP expertise

As a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, Avanade is well positioned to implement ERP projects across the globe:
  • Together with Accenture, we’re the world’s largest Microsoft Dynamics AX partner.
  • We’ve completed ERP projects for more than 500 clients worldwide.
  • We have over 1,200 ERP experts – many with the highest levels of Microsoft certification.

Wholesale Distribution

Going agile

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Next steps

Find out how Avanade’s ERP for Wholesale Distribution can improve your supply chain operations.

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