Turn your workplace into a catalyst for continuous value

Workplace managed services are going through a seismic shift – from a pure ‘manage’ mindset to a manage and evolve model.

A linear, IT cost-reduction-centric approach is no longer sufficient. The process of stabilizing and securing the environment and then taking cost out has become table stakes.

A workplace managed services partner needs to be able to deliver more than just reliability and cost efficiency. They must also help you evolve and accelerate business value too.

That’s where Avanade comes in. We’re the managed services partner of choice for organizations who need to transform their workplace into a business value engine.

WX drives workplace evolution

Workplace Experience (WX) is our market-leading framework that embraces the entire workplace ecosystem to drive sustainable business value. In a managed services context, WX augments core management principles with an evolution mindset – enabling you to embed an ongoing transformation in a service framework that’s designed to maximize business value.

WX ultimately helps you manage and evolve your core workplace drivers: the technology ecosystem, employee experience and business operations:

  • Continuous evolution through a living workplace platform
    An ecosystem that is business relevant, up-to-date, secure and stable. Platform capable of anticipating and self-healing issues as well as delivering an enriched UX across all touchpoints in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Boosting organizational agility and elevating experiences
    An IT operating strategy and roadmap for workplace evolution that encourages employee behavior change as well as boosting productivity and engagement. Based on usage monitoring, adoption support and business change management.
  • Improving business value and innovation
    An agile framework for industrialized workplace innovation – including core work applications, business process digitization and analytics solutions.

Our workplace managed services buyer’s guide explores the four foundational components you must demand from your workplace partner.
Learn more – read the guide today.


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