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Microsoft Azure Stack is changing the game in hybrid cloud platforms with a true hybrid cloud experience. For the first time, you can have a common, single vendor platform across cloud and on-premises data centers. To meet various industry needs, Avanade can provide a fully managed solution delivered on-premises in your data center, at remote locations or hosted in Avanade's data centers.

The Avanade Solution for Microsoft Azure Stack

Consistent experience to build, run and innovate on cloud.


Azure Stack is a game changer in hybrid cloud

Get the answers to frequently asked questions about Microsoft Azure Stack.

“Avanade is a valued Azure Stack partner, giving our clients the benefits of Azure in hybrid environments while providing valuable input and expertise to help improve the platform. We look forward to delivering on the promise of hybrid cloud together.”

Mike Neil, Corporate Vice President Azure Infrastructure Management, Microsoft Corporation

Get the benefits of Azure Stack

By combining Azure and Azure Stack you get the only true hybrid cloud solution available in the market. This provides you with a consistent Azure experience that increases efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

  • Consistent hybrid application development: Maximizes developer productivity by empowering them to build and deploy applications the same way, whether they run on Azure or Azure Stack.
  • Azure services available on-premises: Adopt hybrid cloud computing on your terms. Meet business and technical requirements, with the flexibility to choose the right combination of cloud and on-premises.
  • Purpose-built systems for operational excellence: Focus on delivering high application service levels with integrated systems that provide consistent Azure innovation in a predictable, non-disruptive manner.

Hybrid cloud with an Azure-consistent experience

Realizing real-world results

Here’s how a few clients are benefiting from a true hybrid cloud experience.

Edge and disconnected solutions: A motor sports company uses image-recognition logic in Azure to analyze trends across the racing season; it can now use the same logic in a trackside application running on Azure Stack for during-race analysis.

Modern applications across cloud and on-premises: A government transportation agency uses Azure PaaS services to update applications for better agility; it can now extend the same approach to mainframe applications not yet deemed ready to move to the cloud, running on Azure Stack.

Cloud applications that meet every regulation: Companies can develop and deploy applications in Azure, with full flexibility to deploy on-premises with Azure Stack to meet regulatory and policies requirements, with no code changes needed.

Let the experts at Avanade provide your Azure Stack services

As the foremost Azure experts in the world, Avanade employs more certified professionals for Microsoft Azure than any other Microsoft partner. Avanade’s deep operational knowledge and experience with Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack provides you with a single trusted partner for all your Azure needs. We have:

  • Achieved No. 1 status in certified professionals for developing Microsoft Azure and web services.
  • The largest number of individuals certified for implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure solutions.
  • Activated more consumption of Azure than any other Microsoft partner.
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