Three steps to revitalize your workplace.

Including easy-to-use vaccine and testing documentation features. The persistence of pandemic-related health threats has wreaked havoc on businesses’ plans to reopen offices without a more thorough approach to vaccine and testing documentation. We suggest three quick waves of reinvention to reopen and outmaneuver uncertainty in the new hybrid model that balances work from home with time in the workplace. These waves ensure location readiness and make it easier for you to manage locations – and ongoing change - once your workforce is more frequently on-site.

Respond. Putting people first, implement ready-to-go return-to-work technology that reduces fear, mitigates risk and ensures your employees’ safety. Reset. Enhance baseline solutions with user-friendly functionality that supports your unique new working environment and extends safety and confidence beyond your workforce to include your customer base and to anyone else who may enter your workspace such as contractors, cleaning crews and others like them. Renew. Empower citizen developer innovation to create new tools and services that meet new workplace demands and rekindle growth. That includes the ability to continuously enhance your return to the workplace solution plus the agility to build other solutions that address ongoing workforce and market changes.

Avanade and Microsoft provide a smart boost with a pre-built, jump-start solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform which enhances workplace safety and enables rapid scaling. Our Return to the Workplace solution can be deployed in a matter of days, quickly putting you in position to handle the growing need for vaccine and test verification.

Respond. Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace is turnkey and tailored by Avanade for your needs.

Built for agility on Power Platform, the smartest low code toolset for fast changing conditions, Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace toolset helps you plan, coordinate, and manage your organization’s new workstyle amidst continued pandemic challenges. Together, the pre-built modules are a smart response, providing an end-to-end experience for executive leaders, facility managers, and workers as well as non-employee visitors to your facilities.

In under a week, Avanade will launch your Return to the Workplace solution components including:

  • Location Readiness Dashboard. Gives you the ability to see workforce vaccination and testing information in one user-friendly spot. Also provides your executive and crisis management leadership a comprehensive view of all your locations to determine when they’re ready to reopen and the status of their reopening and usage. This includes workforce vaccination and testing data.
  • Employee Return to the Workplace. To ensure employee wellness and productivity in the return-to-the-workplace process, this app let’s workers check in, attest to vaccination or testing, and answer other questions to determine whether they’re eligible to enter a facility. With a positive health survey completed – including vaccination or negative test attestation – automatic or manual approvals occur, and employees are given a pass to schedule office time.
  • Facility Safety Management. Gives facility managers the tools they need to provide a safe working environment for employees to return to the workplace.
  • Workplace Care Management. To assist facility managers and health and safety leaders, this app helps implement a four-step process for employee case management: opening, investigating, monitoring, and resolving. The goal of this module is to provide clear insight and consistency in case management across the company.
  • Plus, Tailored Module Enhancements. During the rapid launch process, Avanade will also provide minor customizations to Microsoft’s baseline Return to the Workplace solution for your business.

power platform

Reset. Extend a sense of safety and confidence to your customers and guests.

Once you’ve implemented the core Return to the Workplace solution with its vaccine/testing documentation capabilities for workers, you’ll be in position to reset not only your pandemic-influenced employee relationships but also those with your customers and guests. When significant, direct customer interaction is a core part of your workplace (as in retail, for instance), you may want to extend the Return to the Workplace solution to include the enhanced self-service guest portal. This equips your customers and non-employee visitors with features like book-my-appointment capabilities which lets guests get a visitor’s pass after a self-screening process. The portal enables other additions, too, such as provision of a frequently asked questions section so that users can quickly access your organization’s latest health and safety processes and policies.

Renew. Power Platform powers Return to the Workplace. Now, let it power your ongoing renewal.

Business renewal is no longer an occasional event – it is an ever-present process. When you implement Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace, Power Platform, and the citizen development capability it enables become a part of your organization’s innovation arsenal. Microsoft’s Power Platform and its four key components - Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents - arm both non-IT professionals and developer experts with the no-code/low-code power to innovate on their own and to create technology solutions to their business issues at scale. So, whether adapting to changing workplace needs or any other disruptions, your ability to create digital solutions in response is powered-up by Power Platform.

Respond + Reset + Renew = Rewards

The benefits begin with Return to the Workplace and keep going.

  • Ensure a confident, worry-free, productive return to the workplace for your team
  • Expedite facility reopening in a consistent, controlled and compliant manner
  • Encourage increased safe interaction with customers to revitalize revenue and improve care
  • Enable digital innovation beyond your IT department to truly transform your business

Expertise to help you reopen and recharge your business

Avanade’s WX and Power Platform prowess are unmatched.

Avanade’s end-to-end workplace capabilities include strategy, implementation, change management and managed services. And we have more Microsoft expertise and experience than any other partner. Thanks to our unique heritage and strong alliance with Microsoft, Avanade also has deep experience bringing IT and the Business together to drive sustainable impact from low-code technologies like Microsoft Power Platform.

Avanade brings strong workplace technology credentials:

  • Microsoft 2022 Global Alliance SI Partner of the Year – for the 17th time
  • Microsoft 2021 Employee Experience Partner of the Year
  • Research firm HFS selected Accenture and Avanade as the #1 Digital Workplace Design Services Provider
  • Digital strategy and change enablement practices
  • Cross-client workplace forum, benchmarks and best practices
  • Full-service digital studio and experience design practice
  • 1,800-plus workplace projects delivered

Set a Renewal Session

With Microsoft’s Return to Work app as a template for further success, let Avanade show you how else Power Platform can revitalize your organization. We’ll lead a 1-day design thinking workshop to educate and prototype app concepts that demonstrate the value of democratizing development in your business. So, “return to work” turns into “renew to win”.

Next Steps

There’s no more time to wait for digital transformation. Find out how we can help you can jump-start an end-to-end contactless omnichannel commerce experience.

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