Deployed Microsoft Teams but not getting the most out of it? We’re here to help.

Avanade’s Microsoft Teams Performance Assessment benchmarks the performance of your existing deployment and gathers intel around how the platform is performing. We take those insights and enable you to better understand areas that need to be addressed and the actions you’ll need to take.

The assessment can help you solve challenges including:

  • Setup failures: Difficulty starting a call, video, or when sharing screens
  • Dropped calls: Losing your connection during a meeting or dropping video
  • Call quality: Audio echo or degradation, stalled video, frozen screen shares
  • Lack of adoption: Failure to use the platform or embrace key features, users adopting alternative non-sanctioned applications
  • Reduced business value: Missing insight around the value generated by Teams

Learn more about how you can reach the gold standard of Microsoft Teams by gathering crucial insights and analysis around how your tenant is currently performing – and what factors are responsible.

Read about the Teams Tenant Performance Assessment.

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