Great customer experiences come down to people

Incredible modern customer experiences may be powered by technology, but they’re designed and built by people.

At Avanade we take that to heart. Our storytelling and design-led thinking approach helps businesses maintain a customer-centric mindset to innovate and exceed expectations. Our proven strategies, experience design and technical capabilities, complemented by Sitecore’s technology, enable us to deliver amazing customer experiences at a global scale.

Go beyond Sitecore with our holistic CX capabilities

Our end-to-end capabilities range from experience management to cloud transformation and help you maximize the value from Sitecore’s technology.

sitecore-experience-managementExperience management

We help you strengthen the overall customer experience by blending content management with personalization, targeting, AB testing and more.

iDays, innovation solutions, personalization assessments, Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS™).


Through “headless,” or decoupled, CMS, we design, connect and deliver modern experiences on the channels your customers care about. This assures consistent performance from mobile to in-store brand moments and beyond.

Digital Studios, dedicated headless delivery center and capabilities.

sitecore-customer-analyticsCustomer analytics

We use the strengths of Sitecore Cortex and Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) to help you get a 360-degree view of your customer. This enables you to deliver insights that help you meet and surpass customer expectations.

Our AI capabilities around Sitecore Cortex, and taking deep analytics even further with our advanced analytics engine.


Using Sitecore Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics together, we help you realize commerce opportunities within your current web experience, monetize your web channel, and connect your marketing, sales and service experiences.

How our award-winning and Microsoft-acknowledged leadership in ERP and CRM  enables differentiating foundations for successful commerce.

sitecore-cloud-transformationCloud transformation

Avanade provides the skills, capabilities and expertise to help you move your customer experience to the cloud through a transformational journey. Our cloud transformation and managed services offerings provide quick go-to-market solutions for medium to large enterprises that want high-performance customer experience platforms across their organization and digital business. We help you migrate, transform, scale and get more ROI out of your platform through cloud infrastructures. The result: improved customer experiences.

How our Digital Marketing Managed Services and custom managed services enable you to focus on security and organizational excellence while we keep your IT running; Microsoft Azure and AWS capabilities, including our Cloud Solution Studio (CSS).

Meet our award-winning clients

The power of the Sitecore Experience Platform combined with Avanade’s expertise enables clients to deliver great customer experiences. We’ve helped the following organizations win Sitecore Experience Awards in 2018:

Open Universities Australia – Best Business ROI
Building Australia’s leading marketplace for higher education while supercharging OUA’s commercial capabilities.

Volvo Cars – Best Use of Sitecore as Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
Enabling Volvo Cars to earn a 31% increase in total web traffic and a 7% increase in global sales.

Merck & Co., Inc. – Best Web Content Experience
Helping a healthcare giant serve over 14 million user sessions a month. 

Avanade – Fastest Time to Market
Through our own use of Sitecore, we’re speeding up our brand evolution and propelling our mission to be the leading digital innovator. 

We’ve been building award-winning experiences for years. Previous client winners include global organizations such as Stockland, Nippon Paint, Microsoft, Tokyo Gas, ExxonMobil and more. Learn how we helped these brands use customer experience to drive measurable business outcomes.

Giving you the expertise to succeed

Our global creative and technology expertise helps you improve your digital customer experience and accelerate ahead of competitors. Leveraging our scale, resources and agility, we work with Sitecore to deliver a peerless customer experience partnership.

We have:

  • 250 + Sitecore customers in 21 countries.
  • Delivered more Sitecore implementations on Microsoft Azure than any other provider.
  • 900 + Sitecore Certified Developers, 12 Sitecore MVPs in 2019.
  • More than 1,300 trained Sitecore specialists.
  • Helped our clients win 22 Sitecore Site of the Year and Experience Awards.

Hear the latest from our Sitecore experts

Security and your commerce implementation
Today many people are still concerned about the security of their information online, especially their financial data when they participate in shopping and financial experiences. There is still some hesitation to use credit cards to shop online, or provide information in order to bank online, etc. A fundamental aspect of the commerce experience is confidence that transactions will occur securely and customer data is protected.

Read more on the Techs and Specs blog


Sam Braid
Business & Technology Integration Talent Community Lead

Disconnected martech is leaving money on the table

61% of businesses are losing revenue because of their martech stack, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


Together, building winning customer experiences.

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Sitecore Experience Awards

Avanade joins clients Merck & Co, Volvo Cars and Open Universities Australia in winner’s column.

Cricket Australia delights fans

Harnessing the power of digital to redefine customer experience.

Nippon Express engages with digital customers

Avanade helps company leverage the Sitecore Experience Platform.

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