Stores will look different in 2020 – so will the workforce.

A new global study by Avanade and EKN shows that retail stores are expected to fulfill very different roles in 2020 and beyond as new and distinct store formats take hold. For example, by 2020, 56% of retailers surveyed expect their stores to evolve into online fulfillment centers1. Not only will the stores look different but so, too, will the workforce as millennials become a bigger part of the talent pool, many of whom are expected to demand greater flexibility and engagement in their work.

As a result of the evolving role of stores and the workforce, retailers will need to change to better align with the new operational realities and the constant demand to elevate the customer experience. Learn about the business decisions, capabilities and enabling technologies, like augmented reality and in-store robotics, that can help retailers provide a truly digital workplace.

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1Source: Research by Avanade and EKN – The changing role of the store: Is your workforce ready? March 2017.

©2017 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. ©2017 EKN. All rights reserved.

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