WX Podchat Episode 4 (Season 2 – Technology)
Reimagining the Employee Experience in the digital era

As employees are re-evaluating their worth-it equation, organizations need to align and understand employees’ new priorities to attract and retain them. Microsoft Enterprise Learning Practice Lead Alessandro Giacobbe explains why we need to look at learning, well-being and productivity within the flow of work and how Employee Experience platforms such as Microsoft Viva can make those connections possible.

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Sophia Nacef Bio 

Sophia Nacef
Senior Consultant Modern Workplace advisory Avanade

Sophia has a dual focus: people and technology. She brings more than eight years of experience in the Employee Experience field, working in transformation programmes for large UK and global organizations.

Sophia enables digital transformation by maximizing the use of people data to inform strategic business decisions. She develops insights to shape employee experience roadmaps, rolling out interventions that land and that last.

Sophia takes pride in designing solutions that deliver actual business value and make a genuine human impact.


Featured Guest

Alessandro Giacobbe Bio 

Alessandro Giacobbe
Microsoft Enterprise Learning Practice Lead

Alessandro leads the Microsoft Enterprise Learning Practice, designed to help its largest strategic customers and partners accelerate the learning and culture transformation at the core of their digital transformation. Alessandro’s responsibilities include driving industry strategy and organizing and hosting the yearly Microsoft Learning Transformation Briefings and other similar customers and partners engagements and events that have served as leading industry gatherings of global L&D executives and Chief Learning Officers. Alessandro’s frequent engagements with influential global Industry Analysts, Practice leaders at Advisories & Professional Services organizations in the HCM space, and L&D executives, has helped form the foundation for the Microsoft Viva Employee Experience Platform which brings together learning, productivity and wellbeing in the flow of work, and helps transform employees’ skills into capabilities and easily accessible expertise through the integration with leading learning systems and content providers.


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