Listen in as Ellen Cowan of Avanade and Jean-Louise Ecochard of NetHope discuss the importance of collaboration as a way for non-profits to drive social innovation. The evolution of digital solutions can enable non-profits to achieve even greater impact for their beneficiaries, but how should non-profits approach this transformative yet disruptive process. We say not on their own but with the help of experienced practitioners who can help to formulate the case for change, unlock funding and help to navigate the way forward.

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Heba Ramzy
Corporate Citizenship Lead, Avanade

Heba leads our Citizenship function at Avanade—where we focus on enabling and preparing young people to become the workforce of the future.

Featured Guest

Ellen Cowan
Innovation & Technology for Social Good, Avanade

Ellen is our Digital Market Unit lead in the North East, where she has a mission to bring innovation and innovative technologies to the non-profit sector.


Jean-Louis Ecochard
Chief Innovation Officer, NetHope

Jean-Louis spent the last 15 years giving back by accelerating the mission of The Nature Conservancy, transforming it into a cloud-based digital NGO and inventing breakthrough technologies to save our oceans. Jean-Louis now serves with NetHope’s The Center of the Digital Nonprofit, an accelerator and the center of excellence for digital transformation in nonprofits.

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