Workplace Experience — Episode 3: People power

Empower your people, and your workplace will be a hub of innovation, inspiration and growth.

That’s the thinking behind today’s modern workplace, according to episode three of our podcast series. Hear how organizations can and must put their people at the heart of every decision.

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Stanley Louw 

Stanley Louw
UK head of digital workplace experience and innovation, Avanade

Stanley leads Digital Workplace Experience and Innovation in the UK, where he assists industry leaders with navigating the increasing pace of change by focusing on digital disruption in the workplace, employee-centricity and innovation.

Featured Guests



Dave Coplin
The Envisioners, CEO

For over 25 years, Dave has provided strategic advice and guidance around the impact of technology on a modern society in order to help organizations and individuals envision the full potential that technology has to offer. He is an established author and public speaker on topics surrounding the future of work and our relationship with technology.

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