Avanade’s definitive digital workplace research

The advantages of a truly digital workplace are clear and compelling: improved productivity, reduced costs, increased innovation. Yet many companies remain confused about what they need to do to realise these benefits.

Avanade explores the issues businesses face on the journey to a digital workplace. We surveyed 500 global C-level executives and IT decision-makers across seven countries.

Learn how integrating mobile, cloud, analytics and social tools into your workplace will empower employees to work faster and communicate more easily – anytime, anywhere.


Digital workplace study

Organizations are unprepared for the arrival of the digital workplace.


Four factors driving digital workplace

Increase employee productivity and engagement.

Key findings: Demystifying the digital workplace

The digital revolution is under way, but our research suggests most organizations are unprepared. The study reveals that: 
  • 84 percent of respondents incorrectly believe that having email and social media platforms constitutes a digital workplace.
  • 88 percent of companies that have already adopted at least one digital workplace tool are more profitable than competitors that haven’t.
  • A majority of organizations have digital workplace building blocks in place or are investing soon. 
What’s holding your business back?
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