Organizations that haven’t started modernizing their call center and field service operations may struggle to recruit and retain service talent, and to efficiently deliver a seamless customer experience. The impact? Higher operating costs, disengaged frontline employees, and increased customer churn. But it’s not too late to evolve service as part of a larger business transformation.

Join Avanade service experts and guest speakers from partners like Microsoft in this podcast series to explore the latest enhancements in service transformation. You will learn how organizations are empowering field service technicians and call center agents to improve collaboration, increase productivity, be customer-centric, and resolve issues faster with the help of predictive analytics and IoT, cloud, mixed reality, mobile tools, CRM, customizable schedule boards, low-code platforms, and more.


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field service digital transformation

Scott LeFante
Director of Field Service Architecture, Avanade

Scott is part of Avanade’s Digital Sales & Service team and a two-time Microsoft Business Applications MVP. He is an experienced CRM/CE professional and a Microsoft Dynamics expert in Field Service / Connected Field Service, Project Service Automation and Customer Service. Scott is responsible for the successful delivery of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service projects, fostering ongoing relationships within the customer base, Field Service/CRM team management and support.


field service digital transformation

Daniel Cefaratti
North America Field Service Lead, Avanade

Dan has 20 years of experience in the CRM, ERP, and Field Service industry. He leverages his expertize to help customers succeed in deploying Field Service solutions by driving best practices and business strategy. He has helped customers transform their business from being perceived as a cost center, to more of a profit center by creating a proactive, predictable process that streamlines the Field Service digital thread. Dan has a strong passion for Field Service and has helped this space innovate with mobility, predictive analytics, mixed reality, and route optimization, which drive increases in customer satisfaction, service revenue, while at the same time driving out operating expenses in the Field Services industry.


Alexander Meijers 

Alexander Meijers
Global XR Technology Lead, Avanade

Alexander Meijers is a professional who inspires, motivates and support others and help them to innovate. His goal is to help organizations achieve more by creating, improving and working smarter. This with the aim of shortening business processes and improving the environment for employees. As Avanade’s Global XR Tech lead and Microsoft Windows MVP for Mixed Reality, he understands business issues and translate them into logical solutions using technology. Additionally, he supports companies in applying emerging experiences during their journey in digital transition. He works with technologies such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in combination with cloud services like the Mixed Reality services and Azure Digital Twins from the Microsoft Azure platform, Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Tricia Sinclair Bio

Tricia Sinclair
Europe Customer Service Solutions Lead, Avanade

Tricia Sinclair is the Dynamics 365 Customer Service European lead at Avanade and a two-time Microsoft Business Applications MVP. She is an experienced Dynamics 365 architect who specialises in D365 Customer Service, Microsoft Power Platform, D365 Field Service and D365 Sales. Tricia loves to share her knowledge by blogging and speaking at events. Tricia is passionate about how technology can impact people and like to engage with people to help them adapt to future ways of working.

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