power virtual agents guide

The pandemic has accelerated how organization’s provide timely and empathetic customer service. With a rapid shift to digital-first engagement and large volumes of inquiries, many organizations are supplementing customer service talent with virtual agents, also called chatbots.

Virtual agents offer organizations the ability to scale customer service capabilities and glean new insights that can elevate the role of service for strategic growth initiatives. But virtual agents are not a “one size fits all” – service organizations should take several considerations into account while evaluating what kind of virtual agent is needed and how it should be designed and deployed.

Read this guide to better understand virtual agent trends, and how technologies like low-code Power Virtual Agents can accelerate your ability to provide responsive customer care. You’ll learn how modern virtual agents can help you:

  • Meet changing and urgent customer expectations
  • Accelerate issue resolution with self-service
  • Speed adoption to drive value faster
  • Use intelligence to continually optimize your customer experience
Download the guide for 9 considerations for virtual agent success
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