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You might be familiar with some of the benefits robotic process automation offers. Like reducing costs and making processes more efficient. What you might not yet be aware of (unless you’ve seen our RPA video) is the dramatic impact RPA can have on your organization’s customer service and satisfaction.  It has the ability to empower employees, and increase productivity, revenues and profits. Especially when it’s tailored to fit your enterprise, and integrated as part of a wider intelligent automation strategy.

Blue Prism’s robotic process automation solutions alongside our unique integration with the broader Microsoft ecosystem means we can turbocharge your digital transformation and accelerate competitive advantage. And, in doing so, you’d be joining a growing number of IT decision makers who are experiencing the benefits of automation. A recent survey revealed 92% of IT leaders recognized the importance of automation, citing productivity as one of the key business drivers for adoption

“Avanade’s experience in problem solving for clients allows our teams to apply RPA technology pragmatically to a business problem, achieving tangible benefits quickly.”

Alastair Bathgate CEO and Co-Founder, Blue Prism

Unleash your virtual workforce

Automation powers your digital transformation, allowing you to increase productivity and achieve faster time to market. Employees are liberated to focus on doing what they do best, and are therefore available for complex tasks that drive innovation, while reducing cost.

We help you get the most from your automation projects, with an end-to-end solution that supports real business outcomes. Working with you to build a solid business case, we choose the right proof-of-value approach for your organization. We then support you with change management methodology – which is key to every automation project. In addition, we can bring analytics services to the table, to deliver reporting and monitoring, based on our enterprise Microsoft solutions.  

Avanade Advisory Services complements these processes, analyzing the jobs affected by automation, and helping you migrate from flexible to rigid processes, as well as addressing other RPA implications.

A robust RPA solution and deep expertise

Working with Blue Prism, we’re able to combine our experience and sophisticated systems integration know-how with a leading RPA technology platform, to deliver a robust, secure solution.

We proud to be recognized by Blue Prism as their first global, system integrator Authorized Training Partner. Avanade is now able to deliver training whilst working to roll out and support the implementation of our clients virtual workforce.

Avanade credentials

  • 3,500+ automation experts
  • 300+ Cognitive Services experts
  • 5,000+ Azure certifications
  • 300+ Intelligent Automation projects with 6,000 successful automations
  • Global presence, 70 locations and 23 countries
  • Highly scalable Automation Factories in Global Advanced Technology Centers
Delivering intelligent IT

Avanade help our clients achieve intelligent IT, by combining people, tools and methodologies as part of a comprehensive modernization strategy.

How companies are breaking through the productivity plateau

Intelligent automation is changing the workforce. How will it affect you and your employees?

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