We saw an imbalance in the technology industry. So we decided to change it.

For years, the technology industry has shared a common problem: hiring women in STEM-related fields. There simply weren’t enough women professionals with the skills needed to support clients in the digital world.

The problem is complex, but Avanade decided the way we could affect change is to address it one woman at a time.

We’re investing in college scholarships for women who wish to pursue careers in STEM-related fields. Today we are proud to say this program has funded a college education for 40 students from around the world. These students are beginning to graduate from college and are ready to begin their careers in STEM. Three of them who have completed their studies—including Nandita—are joining many other women professionals to begin their careers at Avanade.

STEM scholarships are just one way in which Avanade’s Corporate Citizenship fulfills its mission to enable young people and their communities to achieve more through the power of our people and digital innovation. Learn more about how we’re partnering with Junior Achievement to help young entrepreneurs strengthen their skills and using technology for social good with Microsoft.

“Being a part of the scholarship program has helped me to help more people. How Avanade not only treats its clients but also how it treats their employees makes me want to work for that type of a company.”

Nandita Avanade STEM scholarship recipient and newly joined employee

When the power of people meets the Microsoft ecosystem, that’s Avanade. That’s #humanimpact.

We think innovation and inspiration are critical to your digital transformation journey. Our goal is simple: bring our unparalleled expertise on the Microsoft platform to make a genuine impact on you, your customers and your employees.

At Avanade, it starts with the power of people. We’ve brought together a diverse team with an unrivaled combination of business insight, innovation and technical knowledge on the Microsoft ecosystem.

And then there’s our experience on the Microsoft ecosystem. Together with Accenture we bring to bear the largest collection of Microsoft-skilled resources in the world. And we’ve worked on more than 10,000 projects at 4,000 clients.

Working with you, our team can help you imagine (and implement!) the art of the possible. From creating a digital workplace that enables your employees to collaborate and thrive, to making it easier for your customers to get what they need, when they need it, we’re here to help.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.


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Want the best of big and small? So do we.

Your outlook to life shapes the opportunity you will find at Avanade.

You want to get better at what you do and be the best at what you do. You want to do work that is rewarding and you want to thrive.

Opportunity is everywhere – at Avanade, we’ll help you find it.

Are you ready to help make an impact? Come join us!

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