Responsible business

Our vision is to advance the world through the power of people and Microsoft, and that means we’re committed to being responsible in everything we do.

Being responsible for our people 

A people-first approach

At Avanade, our people are our greatest strength. Every day, our 60,000 professionals make a genuine human impact for our clients, their employees and their customers. 


We strive to offer a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can achieve the full scope of their potential, whether that means taking advantage of flexible working hours and arrangements, furthering their skills through learning development or joining an employee network to help elevate the voices of underrepresented communities.  

Doing the work of a responsible business starts from within. Because when you invest in your people, they’re equally prepared to invest in the world around them.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity

Avanade has pursued a deliberate and purpose-driven strategy around inclusion, diversity and well-being since our founding in 2000. We know that if our inclusive culture doesn’t consider all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, disabilities, ages, religions—all people and all phases of life—it falls short.

Harnessing data to drive change

We track our inclusion and well-being metrics through our annual employee surveys, using the data to inform new programs and make actionable improvements.

Prioritizing well-being alongside inclusivity

From flexible working to discussion on topics like burnout, men’s health and menopause, we foster a stigma-free environment so people feel supported in all aspects of their lives.

Building community, uplifting diverse voices

Members of our 14 employee networks are empowered to have an active say in how we shape a more inclusive future, offering input into company responses, policies and proposals.

Readying our people for the future

We’re proud to offer a wide range of learning resources that help Avanade employees uphold our responsible business commitments, including certifications like the Green Software for Practitioners exam. 

Building transparency and accountability with responsible AI


We know AI is already transforming the way we work, live and do business. As we embrace these opportunities, it’s crucial to keep digital ethics and responsibility at the forefront of our AI usage.  


That’s why we’ve launched the Avanade School of AI, a series of training sessions aimed at equipping employees with the skills they need to navigate an AI-first world—from prompt engineering and generative AI to understanding Avanade’s Responsible AI framework.

See how our people do what matters

Jamie Luz Villanueva shares how she mentored University of Washington students with Avanade's Asian Employee Network.
Prachi Kumar reflects on the importance of cultural diversity and bridging cultural gaps in the workplace.
Luis Alberto explains his experience living with hearing loss and having a cochlear implant.
Spotlighting winners from the Global I&D Awards, which employees’ contributions to inclusion, diversity and well-being.

Together we break free from prejudice

How do we create workplaces where everyone feels like they belong? Rune Sterten Marhaug shares why it’s important to defy prejudices and recognize people’s full potential.

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Being responsible for our clients

Transforming organizations through digital innovation

As the world’s leading innovator on the Microsoft platform, Avanade equips clients with the tools, technology and expertise they need to not only meet their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, but make a positive impact for generations to come.

We help our clients tackle climate change and reduce their carbon footprint with specialized solutions for tracking and reporting emissions. And thanks to our experience as an early innovator on AI, we’re providing organizations with a roadmap to ethical AI adoption so they can transform their business rapidly and responsibly.

Our clients know a more sustainable world is within reach. Together, we can create the future with confidence.

Building a sustainable future

Digital sustainability

Enabling greener technology and operations

Using the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem, we help organizations harness data to report emissions reductions and digital technologies, turning ambitious sustainability goals into practical actions. Our digital sustainability expertise empowers businesses to achieve data-driven emissions reductions, leading the way toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Tech for Social Good

Empowering nonprofits with digital technology

Through our Tech for Social Good initiative, we work with nonprofits and non-governmental agencies to deepen their impact, tackle complex issues and plan for the future via affordable, scalable technology solutions. Since the program’s inception, Avanade has helped more than 75 nonprofit clients like UNICEF, International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC), the International Rescue Committee and World Health Organization modernize and expand with digital technologies, including generative AI.

Green Software Foundation

Reducing the global carbon footprint of software

Avanade is proud to be a steering committee member of the Green Software Foundation, a nonprofit working to minimize the carbon emissions produced by software. By shaping an ecosystem of people, tooling and best practices for creating green software, the Green Software Foundation helps ensure that sustainability is a top priority for software developers around the world.

Responsible AI and digital ethics

We’ve spent nearly a decade working at the forefront of generative AI alongside Microsoft—and now we’re using that experience to help clients unlock the value of AI ethically and responsibly.

Featured client stories

What matters to Anglian Water is delivering clean water.
Volvo leadership in sustainability award
Volvo Cars receives the Avanade Do What Matters Award for leadership in sustainability.
CISRO data visualization client story
What matters to CSIRO is delivering data visualization faster, making climate actions easy.
Synagro Microsoft Sustainability Manager client story
Synagro charts a path toward a greener world with Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

Being responsible for our communities

Through our Corporate Citizenship initiatives, we aim to make a sustainable impact on young people, underrepresented communities and the environment. Our community-focused programs reached new heights in 2023, including record numbers of employee volunteer hours and matching donation funds.

Exploring shared values with our clients

We’re scaling social impact alongside our clients through Better Together, a program where we partner with clients for joint days of service and long-term engagement on shared community initiatives.

Inspiring future leaders at FUEL

Avanade employees and leadership come together each year for FUEL: Innovation, Leadership and Technology Conference, a worldwide, multi-day event that introduces young people to the world of business and technology.

Shaping the workforce of tomorrow

We work with partners to empower young people and prepare them for the digital era, creating opportunities through training, mentoring, events and scholarships around the globe.

Avanade STEM Scholarship

We partner with universities worldwide to help young people from underrepresented backgrounds study science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines.

Junior Achievement

Working alongside Junior Achievement, we ready the next generation of entrepreneurs with mentorship so they can develop soft skills and explore fulfilling career options.

One Million BIPOC Entrepreneurs Initiative

In partnership with the nonprofit Prosperity Now, we created an initiative that disrupts systemic barriers to help Black and brown entrepreneurs build wealth and expand their networks.

2023 Avanade ESG Annual Report

Being a responsible business means holding ourselves accountable. We’re committed to meeting our environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets and prioritizing long-term sustainability.

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