Artificial Intelligence

Tired of throwing people at a problem? AI might be able to help

Posted by Krishnan Rajaram on May 17, 2018

Krishnan Rajaram shares some examples of how RPA and AI technologies can help companies solve problems.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud: Delivering world class IT, while reducing operational expense

Posted by Jason Hardy on May 15, 2018

Discover how taking an IT modernization approach, it’s possible to deliver high levels of service while reducing operational expenses.

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Invisible banking: How to disappear completely

Posted by Peter Barrett on May 14, 2018

How did DBS Bank in Singapore become one of the most advanced digital banks in the world? Peter Barrett tells the story of how it all started.

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Digital Business

Digital Ethics: Moving from conversation to action

Posted by Aaron Reich on May 9, 2018

Learn what Avanade is doing to put our digital ethics thoughts into action.

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Artificial Intelligence

How will artificial intelligence change the way you lead?

Posted by Adam Warby on May 8, 2018

Leaders will need skills to blend intellectual (IQ) and emotional (EQ) intelligence to manage in the AI infused workplace.

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The “Intelligent Retailer” and the serendipity effect

Posted by Marcos Suarez on May 7, 2018

What is an intelligent retailer and how can you become one? Marcos Suarez provides some insight.

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Descending the mountain: Staying vigilant with data privacy regulations

Posted by Larry A. Mathias on May 3, 2018

Get tips on how your organization can stay complaint after GDPR has been implemented.

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Artificial Intelligence

Can artificial intelligence solve the ERP complexity conundrum?

Posted by Ismael Quteifan on May 1, 2018

ERPs are becoming more complex, and to keep up with the times, they also need to be more intuitive. That's where AI and RPA come into play.

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How retailers empower their frontline for customer experience

Posted by Gianluca Marcellino on April 30, 2018

Gianluca Marcellino is joined by special guests from Incisiv to discuss how CX is intricately linked to, reliant on and powered by retailers’ frontline associates.

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Observations from my first RSA Conference

Posted by Chris Miller on April 26, 2018

Chris Miller shares details from his first experience at the annual RSA Conference, the world’s leading information and cyber security event.

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