February 2015

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Technology Infrastructure

Windows Server 2003 migration: it's all about the apps

Posted by Vinay Ramkumar on February 19, 2015

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 has ended. Are you ready to migrate to a new platform?

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Avanade Spotlight

Digital revolution: as fundamental as the industrial revolution of 1760

Posted by Florin Rotar on February 18, 2015

Industries are being reshaped, in terms of the value of output, production and employment.

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Data and Analytics

Improving BI project quality with a Scrum framework

Posted by Tim de Lange on February 17, 2015

With a Scrum framework, the quality on BI projects can be safeguarded.

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Displaying new technology at Avanade innovation centers

Posted by Aaron Reich on February 9, 2015

Avanade knows smart organizations deploying new technologies and processes can outperform competitors. That’s why we've created Avanade Innovation Centers.

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