June 2015

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Cloud Computing

Before the move to the cloud, businesses should understand the context

Posted by Scott Burgess on June 29, 2015

Among all the hype and discussion, it is easy to see how businesses often become confused when it comes to moving to the cloud.

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Digital Business

Sell more with intelligent context in the digital workplace

Posted by Tom Hoglund on June 26, 2015

Intelligent context tailors information and tools to an employee’s role, location, industry connecting sales reps to the right experts and information.

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Cloud Computing

Without a plan, moving to the cloud can be a difficult puzzle to solve

Posted by Rob Leach on June 25, 2015

Before moving to the cloud, it’s important that businesses evaluate the exact reasons for doing so. Find out more in this blog post by Rob Leach.

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Agile & DevOps

The path to DevOps success

Posted by David Jobling on June 23, 2015

We’ve identified four disciplines that we believe are critical to DevOps success.

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Digital Business

B2B2C: it’s all about the end customer

Posted by Stella Goulet on June 22, 2015

B2B2C means taking a different approach to storytelling, asking different questions, and focusing on the outcomes for clients and their customers.

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Digital Business

How can a digital workplace transform customer service?

Posted by Sebo Wijnberg on June 15, 2015

Companies with a digital workplace can transform customer service, having the right information to provide the best service.

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Digital Business

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit recap: focus on people and processes

Posted by Jerome Thiebaud on June 1, 2015

Recap of the Gartner Digital Worplace Summit, with key themes around “Workplace Reimagined,” the tagline for this year’s event.

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