March 2015

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Digital Business

Data as currency in today's digital business

Posted by Ajay Bawa on March 30, 2015

Savvy organizations are moving beyond seeking meaning from the data collected from these IoT devices. Now, companies are using data as currency.

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Agile & DevOps

The benefits of nurturing a DevOps culture

Posted by David Jobling on March 24, 2015

DevOps has been called many things but we choose to call it a culture, defined by the relationship between development and operations roles.

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Data and Analytics

Making the case for Big Data and analytics investments

Posted by Steve Palmer on March 11, 2015

Big Data and analytics are the currency of digital transformation. However, companies often struggle to make the case for investments.

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Digital Business

Synchronize two-speed IT to create your digital business

Posted by Matt Joe on March 3, 2015

Managing two-speed IT is like a watchmaker who knows how to wind the mainspring of a timepiece and set different gears in motion.

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