February 2022

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Cloud Computing

An AMBG perspective on the future of industries powered by 5G and Edge

Posted by Aaron Reich AND Giancarlo Lelli on February 28, 2022

At Avanade, we have partnered with Accenture and Microsoft to build the Microsoft 5G Cloud Box. A joint pre-engineered solution, designed for telcos and enterprises, to build the next generation of cloud networks.


Data and Analytics

Why firms are using digital twin to bridge physical and digital worlds

Posted by Rodrigo Coronado on February 23, 2022

Learn how organizations can build real-world value and drive system-wide efficiency by creating digital twins.



Creating a tide of productivity for the water industry

Posted by Avanade News on February 22, 2022

As the water sector drives to digitise its operations and customer teams, the challenge is to ensure that the new technology enhances the employee experience.



Responsible and sustainable manufacturing – easy as ESG?

Posted by David Morgan on February 17, 2022

Responsible business and sustainability are driving investment in new technologies and new business solutions using frameworks aligned to ESG.



Avanade and Amperity connect your customers across retail channels

Posted by Greg Jones on February 15, 2022

Avanade and Amperity are working together to turn tangles of customer data into unified records as a way to help our retail clients understand their customers and power personalized experiences.


Health & Life Sciences

HIMSS 22: It’s time to reimagine health

Posted by Rob Hazelton on February 14, 2022

It's been two plus years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and this HIMSS event comes at a great moment to reflect where we are in the healthcare industry and how we will move forward, with technology.


Business of Technology

A conversation on building organizational agility at Microsoft Envision

Posted by Tom Nall on February 11, 2022

Tom Marklin, Vice President of Information Technology, Metal Exchange Corporation and Tom Nall, Avanade Global Manufacturing Lead, discuss how agility is helping to drive their industrial transformation, and how cloud technologies are enabling them to reinvent their operations during times of rapid change.


Government and Public Services

How to partner with startups to drive value from emerging technologies

Posted by Aaron Reich on February 9, 2022

Based on our experience working with clients globally, we've identified three tips to help your organization drive value by partnering with a startup.


Digital Business

Intercultural digital ethics: Considering values from many cultures

Posted by Diana Wolfe AND Chris McClean on February 8, 2022

Exploring how to incorporate ethical viewpoints from a variety of cultures to generate more inclusive and well-rounded solutions.


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