Bots taking digital sales and service by storm

  • Posted on June 14, 2017

digital sales and service bots

The following blog post was written by Avanade alum Kathrine Lord.

“Bots are the new apps,” Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Office of Microsoft, declared in his keynote speech at Microsoft's Build conference last year. From chat bots answering frequently asked customer questions, to Siri and Cortana, who seem to have an answer to everything, bots are becoming ever more important as organizations look to offer new capabilities and replace low level repetitive tasks with automated ones.

Customer experience aside, bots are saving employees from repetitive tasks and allowing them to concentrate on more strategic activities that drive value and revenue. Bots can make every-day, time-consuming tasks easier on staff, for example, by organising meetings, pushing out email campaigns and prioritizing emails. Through querying data sources, bots can also provide instant responses to the questions on the top of a salesperson’s list. For example:

  • “What is our past relationship with this client?”
  • “What is our win-rate with this industry?”
  • “Have we created a similar proposal for this type of client?”

Organizations that have invested in smart technologies are already reaping the benefits of higher revenues, improved customer experience and increased employee satisfaction.

By enabling employees to bypass mundane tasks in the workplace, bots can improve employee engagement and help businesses get ahead in the war for talent. In line with this, new research from Avanade cites that 98% of business and IT predict that companies will benefit from intelligent automation.

Get ready to take on the future

Despite the benefits that AI can bring to businesses, employees and customers alike, there is a great deal of fear that AI will replace humans. These fears are warranted to an extent, but we must remember that it is human nature to fear the unknown. Workers at the time of the Industrial Revolution also feared the impact of machinery on their livelihoods, when the transition really marked the next step in human resourcefulness.

Our history tells us that with technology comes huge benefits to society, and as long as our workforce is equipped with the right skills, we will be able to adapt and thrive in an increasingly automated world. Encouragingly, businesses are retraining employees, creating new roles and reorganizing their structure to prepare for the future.

An exciting period lies ahead in which smart technologies not only enhances the customer experience, but empowers employees to work on higher level business tasks, and businesses must be prepared to continuously address how smart machines and humans can best work together to drive value, revenues and job satisfaction.

To learn more about the value that smart apps can deliver for your organization, contact your Avanade representative today, or get inspired at an Avanade Innovation Day, to discuss trends, solutions, develop ideas and put them into action.

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