Are game designers smarter than CIOs?

  • Posted on December 7, 2017
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game designers and CIOs

If you like computer games and follow the gaming community, most certainly you are exposed to a small and smart simulation game that recently got a lot of attention called "Universal Paperclips." The game simulates a production company, with the player balancing material procurement, money and investment options to produce more and be successful.

The key to success in the game is investing in Automation. At the beginning, the player is kept busy with manual activities to produce, sell and invest, and soon realizes that Automation is key for speed. Investments in Automation provide relief from basic and manual activities and enables the gamer to concentrate on decision making, while the basics are automatically handled. As Automation increases, it's easy to notice that speed increase as well, along with the company success in the game, and that without Automation, and in later stages, Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence, would not be possible for the player to keep track of all factors and for variables to be balanced. Automation allows the focus of the gamer to be totally dedicated to business and growth strategies.


I see lot of analogies with Avanade and our key values when delivering projects to our clients. Our focus on continuous innovation, our knowledge of Microsoft Cognitive Services offerings and our partnership with leading robotics process automation vendors, brings the Paperclip concept to life, enabling our clients to create a focus beyond day-to-day activities and to be free to concentrate on business strategies and actions that have top line outcomes.

In the past, when migrating from one service provider to another, we would have expected to lose some efficiency until transition is complete given the limited exposure of details from the new comer provider. But nowadays, extraction of knowledge from past incidents and logs - through Cognitive Services and other proprietary assets - enable efficiencies from day 1, while reducing risks for the client. Intelligent usage of Cognitive Services and Automation in transfer knowledge supports higher efficiency and speed.

Avanade assets and expertise in multiple verticals, paired with the Innovation embedded in our Modern Engineering Platform, has been proven to deliver measurable impact to our clients, with up to 433% ROI for each dollar spent using Avanade’s Managed Services.

When the underlying economy of good information technology is changed, CIOs are asked to deliver services that are aligned and entangled with business goals and strategies, and Avanade can deliver on it.

Our client's success is not a game, but like a gamer, it needs focus and dedication. At Avanade, we like to play smarter, conquering the world one paperclip at a time.

I invite you to read our IT Modernization whitepaper to learn how Avanade can help your organization.

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