Robotic Process Automation is here, say goodbye to repetitive tasks

  • Posted on April 18, 2017

robotic process automation

By 2018, Gartner cites that 20% of business content will be produced by machines.

Mr. Ford & Mr. Taylor most likely would have dreamt of this time: a new era of optimizing repetitive tasks under the umbrella acronym "RPA." Robotic Process Automation encompasses all technologies, products and processes used to automate repetitive computer capture tasks  [CLICK TO TWEET].

When you think about applications that your information systems host, such as legacy technologies, those are robust, reliable and lower maintenance costs but are often the first things you look at outsourcing. However, these economies are tainted by a less obvious cost of use: applications that require many hours of labor. For example, front office creation of a new customer profile in a bank’s database, or the application of an initial claim or insurance case by a Level 1 call center. The employee follows an established and repetitive scheme to perform his or her tasks. This is usually an expert in a permanent role, perhaps with a temporary co-worker to help with seasonal business. The quality of service provided depends on these people: it is a necessary role in order to avoid input errors and it often requires additional proof reading for quality assurance.

Improved managed services, advanced virtualization and cloud technologies are now driving RPA growth. Several vendors offer technology solutions that automate applications of any type (intranet, heavy client, mainframe, etc.) according to a model of elasticity adapted to the business by consumption on demand. There are a few models for implementing these technologies around a process-centric approach. A good model I would recommend is to initially focus on a process study to identify the user processes and then qualify them, calibrate them and finally allow the implementation of the adapted RPA tool. Its implementation can be based on specific skills deployed and operated by the client or delivered by a third-party platform.

The time has come to start saying goodbye to repetitive tasks. Which ones will you automate?

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