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Alan Grogan has been a pioneer in the Data and Analytics market for almost 20 years. Named Data and Analytics Leader of the Year in the UK (DataIQ) – 2020. Alan started his career in Barclays before moving to aid RBS' turnaround during the financial crisis, most notably as the Chief Analytics Officer for the Corporate Bank, and RBS' Customer and Product Division. He moved from industry into the consulting sector where he has held leadership roles in Atos and IBM before joining Avanade where he holds multiple European and Global Leadership roles.


Data and Analytics

Why you need a stronger data foundation in the pervasive AI era

Posted on May 23, 2023

The era of pervasive AI is here. To achieve their artificial intelligence aspirations, organizations will need to harness even more of their data and information. But according to new Avanade research*, 63% of business and IT leaders do not completely trust the data their company uses today. It is deeply concerning that at the same moment in time t...


Data and Analytics

Teaming up with Amperity to offer modern data stack on Microsoft Cloud

Posted on December 8, 2022

Avanade and Amperity are launching a collaboration across Europe to help clients achieve a unified, 360-degree customer profile.


Data and Analytics

Why you need a data strategy that includes both Databricks and Synapse

Posted on December 6, 2022

To build a strong, flexible data ecosystem, you need to harness both Databricks and Synapse within Azure. Learn how.


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