Geetha Gandhi

Geetha Gandhi leads Avanade Modern Application transformation - Digital Decoupling helping our clients with Modern evolutionary architectures, modern engineering and cloud strategy. Geetha is a passionate technologist and strategist who enjoys solving business problems with innovative technology in different domains. Her expertise is in designing, building and transforming large scale complex financial systems into a cloud native event driven microservices architecture. She also leads teams building asset like - Global architectures for multinationals to enter new markets with regulations and data privacy, Highly performing, secure Payments gateways with PCI compliance in Azure to accelerate Avanade adoption of evolutionary architectures.



Sibos 2022: Don’t forget about payments

Posted on October 21, 2022

Hear about the latest payment trends coming out of Sibos: ISO 20022, CBDC and metaverse.


Technology Infrastructure

Digital decoupling: Legacy technology doesn’t have to hold you back

Posted on December 20, 2019

Eric Matz and Geetha Gandhi explain how legacy technology can sometimes hold companies from growth or competitiveness and provide solutions to implement, like Digital Decoupling, to avoid the trap.


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