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Gopinath Pathikonda joined Avanade in 2019 as an Advanced Analytics Group Manager and based in Brisbane, Australia. During the time Gopinath was based in Australia, he was also the region’s Data and Analytics Capability Lead. In 2022, Gopinath relocated from Brisbane, Australia to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates – joining the expanding team at Avanade’s newest office location as the region’s Data and AI Solutions Architect. Gopinath specializes in advanced analytics services on Microsoft Azure and is passionate about helping clients gain insights from raw data using cloud-based SaaS and PaaS services.


Data and Analytics

Harnessing data for more resilient and sustainable supply chains

Posted on January 27, 2023

Gopinath Pathikonda and Marryam Khawaja explain how Avanade’s holistic approach and innovative solutions help clients build resilient, data-driven, and more sustainable supply chain operations in the United Arab Emirates.


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