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Maria Muller

Maria Bines is the Global Innovation Lead for Data & AI at Avanade. She works across internal and external partnerships to drive innovation for clients. She propels Avanade's Data & AI Innovation Agenda, from emerging technology to incubation of offerings, while supporting innovation-led sales and pipeline-building. Maria builds solid co-innovation relationships with clients that have profound positive impact to their businesses - from improving the services they provide to inventing new products. Maria has more than 18 years of solution architecture experience, specializing in Data & AI technologies. She’s passionate about monitoring new data tech trends, such as the growing importance of CDO and CAO, and the emerging field of data ethics and privacy. Maria is a strong believer in delivering insights in an Agile way and frequently campaigns with clients the value of deriving insights with the most impact.


Artificial Intelligence

Three challenges you need to overcome to thrive in the AI age

Posted on July 26, 2019

Three challenges organizations need to overcome to thrive in the AI age.


Artificial Intelligence

Siri gets sassy – the next step for AI

Posted on June 4, 2018

AI is advancing fast, and there’s lots of great things we’re going to see along the way. The singularity may be coming, but Siri’s going to get sassy first.


Artificial Intelligence

Exploring the human benefits of artificial intelligence

Posted on February 28, 2018

Despite the challenges, organizations are digitally transforming to compete for customers and AI promises a way forward. Are you ready?


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