Maria Muller

Maria Muller

Maria Muller is the UK Digital Analytics and AI Lead for Avanade. She started in IT Consulting in 2001. Maria embeds analytics into customers' business processes to make the numbers relevant, effective, and real. She challenges customers' assumptions and encourages them to re-think their business models, resulting in decreased costs, increased revenue, and improved productivity. She creates AI systems that provide answers to impactful questions that experts didn't think to ask.


Artificial Intelligence

Siri gets sassy – the next step for AI

Posted on June 4, 2018

AI is advancing fast, and there’s lots of great things we’re going to see along the way. The singularity may be coming, but Siri’s going to get sassy first.

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Artificial Intelligence

Exploring the human benefits of artificial intelligence

Posted on February 28, 2018

Despite the challenges, organizations are digitally transforming to compete for customers and AI promises a way forward. Are you ready?

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