Pamela Maynard

Pamela Maynard

As CEO of Avanade, Pamela Maynard is passionate about building a people-first culture for Avanade’s 50,000+ global employees while driving sustainable, responsible growth centered around client success. Under her leadership, Avanade has put its purpose of making a genuine human impact at the forefront of the work we do for our clients, their employees and their customers. She’s also tied our purpose to the contributions we make in our communities and the planet.

A veteran of the technology industry, Pamela has dedicated her 25+year career to helping clients rethink their business strategies by harnessing the power of digital innovation to renew and grow their businesses.

Prior to being named CEO of Avanade in Sept. 2019, Pamela was Avanade’s President of Product and Innovation, focused on defining and delivering innovative solutions for our clients. Earlier in her Avanade career, she served as President of our European organization and as General Manager of Avanade UK.

Under her leadership, Pamela has continued to expand and sharpen Avanade’s commitment to creating a culture where everyone is welcome to bring their authentic selves to work and where diverse perspectives, backgrounds and skills are valued as critical differentiators in our ability to support our clients. Pamela also serves as executive sponsor of our Technology for Social Good initiative, through which we bring the power of our cloud and digital technology skills and expertise to non-profit organizations, digitally transforming their work and accelerating their social impact.

Pamela sits on the boards of the Royal Horticultural Society and Junior Achievement Worldwide. As a world traveler, Pamela draws inspiration from the varied backgrounds and cultures she’s experienced. When she’s not meeting with clients or inspiring our teams, you will find her enjoying time with family and friends in her native London.



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