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Seb has over 10 years industry experience as a Private Banker, Relationship Manager and Dealer at Tier 1 Global Wealth and Asset Managers. He joined Avanade from KPMG with extensive Front Office and Digital Transformation experience covering the UK, Switzerland and APAC. Seb was the Global Architect for Connected Enterprise Wealth Management business and is used to helping clients to understand the future trajectory of the sector and how they can adjust their Business and Operating Models both strategically and tactically. Seb is used to working within complex organizational landscapes and across different jurisdictions and time zones. He is aware of the themes, challenges and opportunities which exist today but prides himself on being practical and pragmatic in his approach. Success for him is about delivering meaningful and measurable results.


Business of Technology

Capital markets: The tech consultancy model is broken

Posted on December 19, 2022

Are tech consultancies taking you for a ride? In his second blog post in a series of five, Seb Marwood explains what’s wrong with tech consultancies.


Avanade Spotlight

Capital markets: The forces reshaping the industry

Posted on November 24, 2022

How capital markets firms prepare for the future? Seb Marwood explains across a new series of blog posts – with a little help from an eclectic range of thinkers.


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