Selenay Akalin

Selenay is a Data & AI Business Consultant within the Analytics UK&I team at Avanade, based in the London office. She joined Avanade in 2022 following 3+ years at Gartner working with a wide array of clients across Turkiye and the Gulf region, where she supported C-level executives in achieving their mission critical priorities. In Avanade she has worked with clients on target operating model projects and supported in the delivery of discovery assessments. Selenay is passionate about the ethics of data, AI and technology, and is currently completing a part-time Master’s degree at the University of Cambridge on AI Ethics and Society.


Artificial Intelligence

Upcoming AI regulation and what it means for your business

Posted on June 15, 2023

AI is evolving rapidly, and so are the regulations on using it. Find out what the new regulations mean for your business.


Data and Analytics

Changes to UK data regulation laws - The impact for your organisation

Posted on January 20, 2023

The UK government has announced upcoming changes to its data protection laws that will differentiate its framework from EU GDPR, enabling companies’ greater flexibility to demonstrate compliance. The opportunity extends beyond just being a GDPR compliant organisation – the real differentiation comes through becoming a truly trustworthy organisation...


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