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  • Posted on March 29, 2017

The following blog post was written by Avanade alum Ashish Kumar.

I’ve got a riddle for you: what do Williams Martini Racing, Nippon Paint, Microsoft and Stockland have in common?

This diverse list of well-known brands across the globe are innovating when it comes to their customer experiences. They are driving new value through personalization, connecting communities, leveraging data and moving at speed. Avanade and Sitecore have partnered with these companies to create award winning customer experiences. Using fresh perspectives and bold thinking, Avanade has delivered digital marketing and customer experience solutions to these clients leveraging Sitecore’s experience platform.

Personalized customer experiences

Australia-based diversified property group, Stockland saw a real opportunity to personalize the experience by enabling geolocation technology to serve up potential properties to it’s customers based on their individual preferences and behaviors. This type of real-time engagement has been a game-changer, resulting in residential web site sessions growing 55%+ and a 17%+ increase in pages per session year over year.

Connected communities

And perhaps there is no better example of the importance of connected communities than in the world of Formula One, where Williams Martini Racing  built an entirely new online presence to engage race fans with the kind of up-to-the minute communications that makes fan experience real and authentic. With a slick new online presence to match its cars, it has since optimized its site to integrate crucial components that engage fans: including a social media wall, videos, a partner section and more.

Nippon Paint is connecting their customers, the world of home decorators and their field people together to create a 360-degree view of the customer experience. By consolidating websites and connecting data across the entire lifecycle, Nippon Paint connects customers with home decorators, and employees, and ties in the estimate, design, and budgeting processes. Data is helping them improve retention rates and increase revenues and makes them a one-stop shop for home design.

Moving at Speed

Microsoft with a partner network of thousands, wanted to get information about their products, services and solutions out to their partners to activate and sell as quickly and consistently as possible. Avanade worked with Microsoft to deploy Sitecore’s experience platform in the Cloud. Now they can scale to meet demand,  and re-use web-site content and components to drive consistency and efficiency around the world. They do this faster today than ever before with loading times of less than .5 seconds.  That’s fast!

At the out-set you might not think the worlds of real estate, paint, software, and fast cars are related, yet here we are. Personalized experiences, connected communities, and moving at speed ring throughout each of these brand journeys. We’d like to thank our 2016 Sitecore Experience Award Winners for their partnership and trust in Avanade, and for challenging the status quo when it comes to their customer experiences.

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