Celebrating Avanade employees awarded distinguished Sitecore MVP status

  • Posted on February 23, 2017

Sitecore MVPs

We’re beyond proud that several Avanade employees were recently awarded 2017 Sitecore MVP status, a distinction that recognizes their exceptional knowledge and expertise on digital marketing best practices. To honor their achievement, we’ve asked a handful of them to share their stories and perspectives on how they attained this milestone and why Sitecore is the preferred omni-channel platform for so many brands  [CLICK TO TWEET].

Thomas Lin, Enterprise Technology Architect

I’m humbled and honored to be named a Sitecore MVP. Sitecore has made it easy by making a product that’s powerful for our clients and our implementation teams. Sitecore in my experience is great for a couple of key reasons: it’s excellent for digital marketers and content owners and at the same time for developers such as myself. As with any technology, there’s a learning curve, but in the case of Sitecore, it’s one that’s based on common development patterns from a technical perspective and approachable and empowering from authoring and marketing perspectives.

I’ve heard it said that when learning a new technology, the first implementation goes poorly because of lack of knowledge and experience with that specific technology. A developer’s second implementation also goes poorly, but only because of a false perception of knowledge and experience. But finally starting with the third implementation, there is true knowledge and experience upon which to build and implementations start to go smoothly. Becoming an MVP not only took years of real world experience with the tool across multiple implementations and clients, but a desire to share that knowledge and help others learn from my challenges and mistakes.

Jakob Leander, Senior Director, Technology Innovation

Jakob LeanderI am 5x Sitecore MVP and the last 2 years have been awarded the Commerce MVP status, which I am very proud of. I am constantly seeking to shape, sell and deliver large and complex solutions where Sitecore is used as a front-end to various legacy or commerce solutions. These projects bring Sitecore from “just” being a great digital platform for brand-sites into being our customers full omni-channel digital platform for both information, online transactions and self-service.

What I find great about working with Sitecore is the underlying vision behind the product as a “one stop” digital platform. Sitecore is not only “best of breed” but in most cases “best of need” and this holistic approach means all data and information about the customer and their behavior is captured in a centralized location, where it can be used real-time to optimize the user experience. This is unique to Sitecore and much harder to achieve, if you create solutions glued together with many different products, that each have their own data silo.

Ben Adamski, Solutions Development, Software Engineer

Ben AdamskiI’ve worked with Sitecore over the past eight years and have grown from architecting B2B brochure-ware websites to building B2C live retail e-commerce platforms integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX—all utilizing the Sitecore platform. As a first-time MVP, my experiences with using the product as well as the off- and on-line community has helped me build both my knowledge and network. In 2016, I had the opportunity to present a session at the Sitecore Symposium in New Orleans, LA on Building the Perfect Omni-Channel Experience with Sitecore Commerce.

The ability to enable marketers to quickly personalize and test content for end users is exciting, but the real value is extending this to the Commerce Platform. One of my favorite things is the deep integration of various features of Sitecore, such as integrating the Email Experience Manager with Sitecore Commerce. In addition, Sitecore’s single view of the customer on a native E-Commerce platform is a huge benefit compared to wiring up 3rd Party analytics solutions to a transactional site. The ability to utilize Sitecore Experience Profiles to enrich personalization based on purchase history, such as time since last order or previous purchases, is straightforward and provides a rich foundation for building end to end personas.

Derk Hudepol, Solutions Development, Software Engineer

Derk HudepolMost of my experiences that helped me achieve my Sitecore MVP status are related to work I have done on various projects. But what they all had in common is that the challenges on the projects were of a high difficulty, which motivated me to dive deeper and deeper into Sitecore and to get the most out of it. This all led to me being passionate, which I continued to carry outwards on Sitecore events like the Symposium, User Groups and conferences. I am motivated to share my knowledge and learn from others.

The variety of work you do is one of the things that excites me about working with Sitecore. This is both in the industries you end up delivering solutions and in your day to day activities. Literately almost anything is possible in Sitecore as long as you make the puzzle fit together. You can go from really complex situations to guiding the customer in their digital strategy and journey.

Sharing and working with things you are passionate about makes your life a lot more fun and your community contributions a lot better! Also don’t be afraid to do stuff which isn’t exactly technology or marketing related, as long as it is relevant it is worth sharing.

Blake Medulan, Solutions Development, Software Engineer

As an evangelist and Sitecore architect I have been working exclusively with Sitecore platform for 5+ years – in that time I have been heavily involved in the Sitecore community. Whether it’s putting together teams for Sitecore hackathons and code projects or participating and speaking at local Sitecore community events; my goal is to introduce as many people to the Sitecore ecosystem as I can and impart some of my enthusiasm and knowledge of the Sitecore ecosystem.

Sitecore as a platform differs from many I have worked with in the past – whether Sharepoint or Ektron or open source. Sitecore is a licensed, open platform. You can twist it, extend it and use it in a myriad of different ways because it’s a framework that you can control. I often tell new customers evaluating different platforms that the one thing that excites me most is that Sitecore is the only CMS built from itself but it comes out of the box fresh and each architect will have a slightly viewpoint on how to implement. It lends itself to creative expression within a logical framework.

Becoming an MVP and networking with others within the MVP community has taught me that there is a ton of Sitecore talent out there. There are developers out there stretching Sitecore to do some amazing and creative things!

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