Avanade wins further global recognition from Databricks

  • Posted on May 26, 2021
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Data is fast becoming the new currency for organizations looking to get ahead of the competition. For years, organizations have been collecting vast swathes of data, but few have leveraged and mined their data for true business insight.

At Avanade, clients are increasingly coming to us to help them address their data requirements and challenges. With Azure Databricks, as a first party service on Azure, we’re helping enterprises to harness and maximize the value of their data, by embedding AI into their business processes, helping clients to become truly AI driven at scale, with a view to better business outcomes.

We are incredibly proud to have won the Databricks Global SI Partner of the Year award in recognition of our work with clients. This is the second consecutive year that Avanade has been recognized by Databricks, but this year’s award additionally recognizes our joint work with Accenture as we see the appetite for data services growing amongst our clients.

It is truly an honour to win this award. Databricks’ incredibly rapid growth shows just how critical the business problems we’re solving with them are for our clients, and their large partner ecosystem makes this recognition even more rewarding.

We’ve invested and continue to invest in our partnership, in order to help clients to monetize and use data to their advantage, and scale AI across their organizations to make better business decisions powered by insights. With over 650 staff jointly trained with Databricks, and over 300 customer solutions delivered in the past 12 months, we’ve quickly ramped up to meet client demands.

For example, a major banking client that needed to improve cross-departmental collaboration and enable self-service insights, Databricks was a critical component of the solution. Alongside technologies including ADLS, ADF, Synapse, Airflow, Logic Apps and Azure Functions, the bank now has a centralized modern data platform, with insights helping to inform numerous departments, including client onboarding.

For an oil field service company facing challenges in managing their machine learning (ML) lifecycle, we’ve helped them to establish a framework and pipeline to ingest, clean and prepare data from Azure Data Lake, using Azure Databricks and Azure ML. We’ve helped to build and support a rate of penetration model so that drilling engineers have greater control over the process, while also enabling a new revenue generating Model-as-a-Service business model.

We’re excited to continue co-investing with Databricks to help our clients accomplish wonderful things as they scale and embed AI to drive business outcomes.

Discover more about our partnership with Databricks and our analytics and AI services. Contact us and find out how we can help you to truly unlock business value from your data.

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