Are you working with a great Microsoft solutions partner?

  • Posted on November 25, 2022
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Great Microsoft solutions partner?

You’re a leader – you want to lead. Lead in your market, lead at your organization. Great leaders understand the intersection between their success and surrounding themselves with great employees, and partners that help them scale and get things done. When it comes to digital transformation, there is what we call ‘Big T’ transformation and “Little T” transformations. For true digital transformation, it takes both a vision for the Big T and a good roadmap of the Little T’s that represent the success milestones and project to realize the dream and results. For many organizations, it’s the Little T’s that build the momentum for further investment and monetizing impact along the way for the organization.

But! How do you know the right partner has the right skills to help your organization, against your timeline and needs. Well – enter the tendering/RFP/Bid and proposal process. If you’re a seasoned leader, you probably have some longer-term relationships with a set of vendors. Seasoned leaders often look at new pools of partners to support a constantly evolving set of needs, especially in the technology space. For new leaders, finding the right partner can be daunting at best, risky in the worst case and terrifying in between. For all leaders, being able to rely on a way to look at partner capabilities and expertise radically reduces the risk and increases success for managing and landing transformation.

For clients who work with Microsoft, Microsoft have lowered the risk and the heightened the reward of working with partners through Microsoft Solutions Designations. With their new program, launched in October 2022, clients can look at Partner designations to understand a partner’s technical capabilities and demonstrated experience to deliver client results with Microsoft. This program replaces the previous program that centered around competencies.

Avanade is pleased that Microsoft have confirmed our Partner Designations across all six of their categories, Solutions Partner for Security, Modern Work, Business Applications, Data and AI on Azure, Infrastructure on Azure, Digital and Application Innovation on Azure. Only partners like Avanade who have achieved all 6 also get to claim Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud.

More importantly, these designations help our clients know that they can get help from Avanade with Security like we have for UK based exam board AQA, ensuring 38.5 thousand people are able to mark 10.9 million papers and 142 million exam pages in a 5 week period.

Solutions designations in the business applications space, help clients like BMZ group, out of Germany, improve production planning, increase supply chain transparency to solve issues in materials flow to scale and meet growing demand for its products.

Clients can look to Avanade for our depth and expertise with technologies like Teams, Viva, Metaverse and all the components of Azure. A great example of this is with Seattle Children’s hospital where the clinician’s connections with patients and family help patients get better quicker and reducing clinician burnout.

And, when it comes to Innovation, it comes in many forms, leveraging technology to make changes in the world – both big and small. Take UK company, SSE Renewables – who use Data and AI to monitor protected Puffin species that live close to wind farm locations to ensure the wind farms won’t have a negative impact on the local population.

If that wasn’t all, Avanade has capabilities to completely remove the load off your shoulders with managed services programs and can help with business strategy through to change management for your digital transformation. As the 2022 Microsoft Global Alliance SI Partner of the Year, we’re thrilled and thankful for the recognition of the impact, expertise, and results that we drive with our clients to do what matters with Microsoft technologies every day.

If you have an interest to learn more, let’s talk. With Avanade and Microsoft, you’re in safe hands.

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