Our website reimagined: putting client experience front and center

  • Posted on October 11, 2016

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Client experience is at the heart of everything we do in marketing Twitter [CLICK TO TWEET]. In fact, it’s a key pillar of our marketing strategy and vision. And for good reason. Recent research conducted by Avanade and Sitecore found that investing in customer experience can triple your return and increase revenue by 19%.

So it’s not surprising that client experience would be the central element of our new Avanade company website, which represents the foundational step in our digital marketing journey. Our goal: Build a seamless, consistent client experience across multiple devices, while making content more relevant to our different audiences.

Walking the Talk

Digital marketing is among Avanade’s key services, so it was imperative that our own site should provide a showcase for the work we do with clients. It was a huge project, with 25 country sites and nearly 10,000 localized pages. I’m pleased to say the site was a joint CMO-CIO project, bringing together stakeholders in every part of the organization and experts from Sitecore. The site was built by our own teams, including Information Technology Services, Marketing, Experience Design and our Global Delivery Network, with Sitecore on Microsoft Azure cloud technology.

From the start, several key factors drove the project, including:

User feedback: A critical first step was to get a holistic picture of what our key audiences – business and IT executives, media influencers, job seekers and strategic partners – wanted from the site. Their feedback helped inform our strategy, design and content. For example, we crowdsourced insights into site structure and navigation through an online “card sorting” activity, and dove deeper into the needs, wants and motivations of our audience through market research and interviews to deliver our final page flows and design.

Outside-in focus: In any large-scale website overhaul, it’s easy to get caught up in your own internal structure and taxonomy. To keep us focused on our audience, we conducted a series of usability sessions with real users who represent our core audience. Their real-time feedback helped us address potential bottlenecks, content gaps and other user experience issues.

Connecting the dots: To make the most of the site’s capabilities, and give our visitors the right content at the right time, we needed to ensure connectivity across our digital marketing ecosystem. This includes our Marketo marketing automation tool, our Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, and a number of third-party tools that supplement and augment the data we’re capturing.

Benefits Both Internal and External

Since launching the new site, we have identified a number of benefits. From an internal perspective, we now have better insight into who our users are and how they’re engaging with our site. We’ve increased our user base and levels of content engagement. Downloads have jumped by 80% and video views are up 20%. And we see better conversions, with a 50% increase in web-generated MQLs over the same time a year ago.

For external users, the modular approach to page design makes it easier to scan, navigate and engage with our content. The outside-in tone and voice means we’re speaking to the challenges and needs of our visitors. And now that every page and asset is shareable, users can easily share content with their networks.

Most importantly, the new site provides users with a seamless, consistent experience, regardless of what device they’re using.

Let’s Get Personal

So, what’s next? Coming soon, we plan to deliver on the promise of a personalized site experience – enabling us to provide exactly the right content to the right user at the right time. Wherever our digital marketing journey takes us, one thing is clear: Client experience will remain front and center.

We want to hear from you. How does Avanade’s digital marketing journey compare to yours?

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