Celebrating excellence: Meet Avanade’s 2023 Sitecore MVPs

  • Posted on February 10, 2023
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Sitecore mvps 2023

Each year, Sitecore honors its most valued contributors for their work implementing Sitecore solutions and promoting the platform among users, partners, and the Sitecore community.

Sitecore MVP Awards recognize individuals from the global Sitecore community who have excelled in and are passionate about the platform, who have throughout the previous year shown a commitment to sharing their technical expertise and in-depth understanding of the Sitecore platform with other members of the Sitecore community and with clients. MVPs actively share their knowledge and insights to benefit others, show their affinity for the platform, and constantly push the limits of what is possible with Sitecore technologies. All in all, becoming a Sitecore MVP is a valued distinction that stands for professional competence and dedication to advancing the success of Sitecore clients, partners, and the community at large.

"MVPs are the backbone of the global Sitecore community, representing partners, customers, developers, marketing professionals, and business executives. The knowledge and experience they share help our customers and partners build incredible digital experiences for their organizations and customers," said Dave O'Flanagan, Chief Product Officer, Sitecore in Sitecore's press release.

Avanade is Sitecore's largest and only Global Platinum Implementation Partner because we complement our rich arsenal of technical knowledge with proven strategies that enable our clients to push the boundaries of digital marketing leadership with our MVPs. Through our efforts with Sitecore and our MVPs we are able to help clients like the American Dental Association (ADA) to help them better serve patients, or like the mining company BHP transform their web experience with a better cutting-edge design and cohesive content that better represents the company’s vision.

“Great modern digital experiences are driven by human ingenuity and understanding. The need for organizations to deploy a blended team approach across strategy, technology, and design has never been more crucial as we usher in a new decade of digital transformation driven by rising employee and customer experience demands. Sitecore's continued partnership and support of our team's skills and community service enable us to help our clients accelerate the creation of amazing experiences,” said Ben Morgan, Sitecore Platform Group Executive, Avanade.

Since our most valuable resource is our talent, I'm delighted to announce that 7 Avanade/Accenture team members have been named 2023 Sitecore MVPs:
  • Ben Morgan – Ambassador MVP
  • Dominic Hurst – Strategy MVP
  • Marcus Ivarsson – Strategy MVP
  • Boris Brodsky – Technology MVP
  • Peter Prochazka – Technology MVP
  • Derk Hudepol – Technology MVP
  • Erik ter Beeke – Technology MVP

There are three categories for MVPs - Ambassador, Strategy, and Technology. Technology MVPs are recognized for actively educating partners and clients about Sitecore both online and offline. Strategy MVPs use the Sitecore Experience cloud and excellent data-driven marketing experiences to produce business results. Ambassador MVPs collaborate with Sitecore executives, take part in community activities, and offer opinions and insights on the company's product strategy and roadmap.

2023 Technology MVP designee Derk Hudepol has been awarded MVP status three times in the past, most recently in 2019 until his reclaimed status this year. Derk commented, “The Technology MVP for me rewards my participation in spreading my technical expertise and knowledge both in the community, with Sitecore and with our clients, working together to get the most out of their Sitecore products.”

Our Strategy MVP, Marcus Ivarsson, had this to add: “To be awarded the Sitecore Strategy MVP again is a humbling experience. This is the third time that I have received this honor, adding to my previous Sitecore Strategy MPV awards in 2021 and 2022. To be chosen as one of the 30 Sitecore Strategy MVPs in the world makes me feel very proud of what I have accomplished throughout the year and to be part of such a talented group of fellow Sitecore MVPs is really exciting. I am looking forward to another year of great events and interesting knowledge sharing opportunities within the Sitecore community,” said Marcus.

To learn more and to see the complete list of 2023 Sitecore MVPs, program details, and activities, visit Sitecore announces 2023 Most Valuable Professionals | Press Release | Sitecore

Supporting the class of ‘24
We are also excited to announce that this year, Avanade will be launching its own internal MVP program to help foster the next wave of Sitecore MVPs for both Avanade and Accenture. Through this program, our Avanade Sitecore platform group will sponsor and support Sitecore evangelists and experts to share our insight with the wider Sitecore community with a view to increasing our footprint of MVPs globally. Our MVP program will be focused on providing mentorship and guidance on how to become a stronger part of the Sitecore community, by more broadly sharing our knowledge and expertise in Sitecore activities and communities, both online and offline, and through a variety of channels and events.

By creating better digital experiences for companies and customers, our technologists and strategists are a priceless asset and create a crucial component of the overall Sitecore user experience. While the number of our program members may be small, they are a mighty group that functions as key representatives of the Sitecore partner ecosystem and who collaborate and stay connected to find solutions to even the most challenging situations.

The power of Avanade digital marketing expertise combined with the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform enables our clients to deliver great digital personalization and transformation experiences for their customers.

Find out more on how we can help you get the most from your Sitecore technology investment.

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